Announcement on the impact of the COVID-19 state of emergency

Amate Audio S.L. Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain, 20 March 2020.

In this time of unprecedented crisis, resulting from the spread of COVID-19, all of us are faced with challenges outside of our common experience, for which we are unlikely to have prior contingency. In such circumstances we require to implement adaptive measures with the utmost agility.

At Amate Audio we are moving rapidly to confront and meet those challenges. We are taking immediate action to secure the integrity of our supply and distribution chains and our clients’ business, as well as our continued financial health and corporate wellbeing, throughout the course of the crisis and beyond.

To this end we are able to guarantee the continued delivery of orders to our clients during any reasonably foreseeable interruption to production, as may be required by the civil authorities. Likewise, our ability to quickly restart and achieve volume production secures our distribution and fulfillment capability as far as is possible.

We do this with the utmost attention to the health and safety of our employees, whose wellbeing is always our first concern.

Juan Amate, founder and CEO

L – R: Amate Audio founder and CEO Juan Amate, VP & Chief Technical Director Joan Amate and Int. Sales Manager Jordi Amate 

About Amate Audio
Amate Audio is the brand name of Amate Audio S.L. (formerly Amate Electroacústica S.L.), a manufacturer of advanced professional speaker systems, head quartered in Terrassa, just outside of Barcelona, Spain. Juan Amate founded the company in 1972 when, as a young man, he began designing and building innovative power amplifiers and PA speaker cabinets. Today, as CEO, he leads a company that is driven by creative engineering and invested heavily in research and development, ensuring its distinct competitive edge.

Amate Audio is now a second-generation family company. Vice president and Chief Technical Officer Joan Amate, heads a division of young engineers and technicians that is 20 per cent of the total workforce. Their collective endeavour is the design and development of speaker systems that exceed normal performance expectations, meticulously matching the specifications and characteristics of acoustic components with advanced integrated digital amplification and signal processing technologies. The company’s tightly controlled manufacturing and R&D facilities – with two large anechoic chambers for development and quality control – are sited together, operating interdependently, and enabling Amate Audio to compete as a specialist manufacturer in a mass market environment.

With over 40 years experience, the company’s history is marked by innovations and industry firsts including some of the earliest implementation of signal processing in active loudspeaker systems and power amplifiers, and the first implementation of computer control and monitoring, introduced some ten years ago within the company’s first line array design. More recently, the company was the first pro audio manufacturer to implement remote speaker system control via an iPad app.

Amate Audio’s product portfolio is led by Xcellence series, offering premium performance and design optimization in point source and line array systems. Incorporating state-of-the-art power and DSP system control, with Ethernet and Wi-Fi remote control, Xcellence systems are fully specified for the most demanding professional sound applications. The new ultra-compact NÍTID series offers dedicated, versatile, self-powered speaker systems, with onboard DSP control, for high performance rental and fixed installation applications. These deploy the latest integrated digital power and control technologies, custom engineered to deliver performance capability and sound quality far in excess of the price tag.

Great sound from Barcelona since 1972.