Distinctive new design allows for expanded creativity through use of intersecting frames

Diamond 2.6 – magnet assembly

High-end LED manufacturer, ROE Visual Co., Ltd. (ROE Visual) today announced the launch of its ground-breaking high-resolution Sapphire LED display. The ROE Visual Sapphire offers both a laser-sharp 1.5mm pixel pitch LED panel, and a completely new approach towards building and mounting large display LED screens. The ROE Visual Sapphire has replaced the traditional row and column LED panel configuration with obvious vertical break lines with a new system – much akin to bricklaying – that allows for creative composition through the use of intersecting frames.

The ROE Visual Sapphire is a unique combination of a small, easy-to-handle LED panel and a separate supporting frame. This allows for safe assembly of the electronic components as well as easy panel replacement, using the integrated ejection motor. Separating the hardware from the electronic components facilitates interchanging panels with a different pixel pitch, without the need to invest in new hardware. ROE Visual now launches a stunning 1.5mm pixel pitch panel and envisions accommodating even smaller pixel pitches for the future.

The unit’s LED corners are reinforced with a specialized front protection treatment to prevent damage.

SP1.5 Frame front 1×2

The ROE Visual Sapphire will be on display at Booth N2014 at Infocomm, to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from June 6-8, 2018. “ROE Visual is committed to providing the highest quality of innovative LED products to global production companies, broadcast networks and cross-platform exhibitors. Our ROE Visual Sapphire is a ground-breaking narrow pixel pitch LED screen for indoor use that enables vivid and razor-sharp imaging in expanded configurations. We offer a highly customizable creative alternative to the traditional rectangle without the need for additional hardware,” said Tony Van Moorleghem, Product Marketing Director. “With the ROE Visual Sapphire, integrated push motors allow panels to eject safely and effortlessly, while the standard screen aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it quick and easy to set-up,” Mr. Van Moorleghem added.

Black Marble Glass and Matte

In addition to the ROE Visual Sapphire that debuts at Infocomm, the company will also showcase the ROE Diamond DM2.6 and Black Marble with glass top floor display.

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