Leek, the Netherlands (21 October 2020) – Epic, the company behind Unreal Engine has just finalized the refurbishing of their London based Innovation Lab, including a complete virtual production LED stage featuring ROE Visual LED products.

Epic Games, known for its video games, develops the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. This game engine not only powers their internally developed video games, such as Fortnite and Infinity Blade series, but is used to develop the virtual backgrounds and sets that made virtual production in film possible. Ever since the launch of the Mandalorian series, Unreal Engine is the most used tool for film and virtual stages as it allows creators the freedom and control to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds.

Since the technique of LED virtual production was explored and the first pioneering steps were taken, both Unreal engine and ROE Visual have been involved. It really takes a team of passionate experts to make this technology work, because so many aspects are at play.

“ROE had already proven itself at the very cutting-edge and high end of LED virtual production with its pioneering use on Star Wars Mandalorian. It was important for us at Epic to give customers and our own teams a chance to get hands-on with this world-class tech in the heart of London. More importantly though is the amazing working relationship we have with ROE Visual, so together we can experiment, discover and shift the boundaries ever further”, states Ben Kidd, Technical Artist and project lead for the LED stage.

Adding a completely equipped virtual studio to the London headquarters is a wish come true for the UK based Epic team. “We now have the availability to try and test new features on a screen the size which is normally used for mid-sized to smaller virtual production stages and studios as well”.

The full-operational virtual production space, using ROE Visual products for the LED wall and ceiling, will not only be great for testing but will give customers and partners the possibility to experience a complete demonstration of what techniques come into play making a virtual production. The LED virtual production stage is built from ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2 LED walls and Carbon series CB3 is used for the ceiling.

As David Morris, responsible for Business Development for ROE Visual, states: “Collaborating with Epic as a tech partner is a fantastic opportunity for all involved. Not only can we use the space to introduce clients to the technique, and have them experience virtual production first-hand, we also share our knowledge and experiences. Intensive testing and experimenting are very important to bring the technique of virtual production forward. Finding the right settings and simply discovering what works and what does not work tells us there is still so much more to explore”.

A growing list of technical partners; Arri, Ncam, Vicon, Brompton, NVIDIA, 80-six, CVP and ROE Visual use every opportunity to test and explore this relatively new technique. With the installation at Epic an extra test location is added for them and their customers to experiment and bring virtual production techniques yet another step forward.

Products used:

ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2

ROE Visual Carbon series CB3

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David Levvy

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