Robe – Lighting The Sky for Heroes

Two nights ago – Sunday 22nd March – for half an hour, a number of Benelux lighting rental companies and individuals – in fact anyone with access to a light – were invited to point it upwards and #LightTheSky in support of all the key workers, heroes and heroines on the frontline of fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

#LightTheSky was an idea originated by a Dutch rental company … which then became a clarion call taken up by numerous entertainment rental companies, venues, broadcasters and others, by people working in every segment across the whole Benelux Region … with some extremely creative results … as is the nature of our industry!

Heart shapes were a popular choice and many of the lighting schemes utilised Robe products – MegaPointes and Pointes were a favourite for their brightness – however other products and brands were also involved in this spontaneous and imaginative expression of solidarity. It highlighted gratitude for essential workers in the health service, transportation, law enforcement, supermarkets, education and many more sectors who are keeping our countries going during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The photos here are a selection summitted by different Benelux rental companies … all of whom also observed the strict rules now in place throughout Europe on social distancing and other safe working practices during the crisis.

Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar comments, “It’s heart-warming to see the entertainment technology community energised and engaging in actions like this and showing its support for everyone. We’re all affected, and by standing strong together we can help each other survive and deal with the huge challenges our incredible industry faces in the immediate and longer-term future.”

Also over the weekend 183 radio stations across Europe and including the UK – from Spain to Slovakia, Luxemburg to Latvia – conducted a synched play-out of the classic 1963 hit “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & The Pacemakers.

Galvanising actions like these are taking place all over the world while people embrace the spirit of community and help each other get through the pandemic.

Robe will be producing special content for press, and across our social channels during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please send your uplifting stories or ideas to us for potential development.

We WILL come through this together.

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