Robe | DAER Nightclub wins Mondo Award

DAER Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has won a 2020 Mondo (Americas) Award in the nightclub category for its stylish and innovative lighting design by Stephen Lieberman of SJ Lighting.

The venue includes a massive 44,000 square foot indoor / outdoor space located at the famous Guitar Hotel at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino complex and was opened in the final quarter of 2019.

DAER’s lighting rig includes over 100 x Robe LEDBeam 150 moving lights.

Robe North America sales director Craig Burross was delighted, commenting “Steve’s friendship and his ongoing confidence with using Robe products in such an iconic location makes us extremely proud!  Another amazing SJ nightclub design in DAER!”

For Steve, the lighting presented many installation challenges!

He and his team created a unique custom system comprising five large-format chandelier style elements with each section controlled by automated hoists to produce multiple dynamic looks and change the architecture of the space. These set pieces include LED ‘neon’ style edge detailing for additional structural impact which is pixel mapped and controlled in tandem with the rest of the lighting system.

The Robe LEDBeam 150s are installed on the custom chandeliers to create broad color washes over the dancefloor.

A DJ booth is located between the pool area and the dancefloor so the club setup can support both night and daytime performances. High-resolution video screens are prominent behind the DJ booth and on both interior walls and the exterior peripheries to augment 24-hour operation and activity if desired.

Additional LEDBeam 150s are deployed around the entire club perimeter to add dimension and drama to the views from the second and third tier seating areas. With careful positioning, these fixtures elevate and enhance the already eye-catching aesthetics of this incredible space, helping ensure that “DAER will be a vibrant entertainment destination attracting celebrities and guests from throughout the nation and around the globe,” says Hard Rock’s Vice President of Nightlife / Daylife, Matt Minichino.*

The Hard Rock Hotel project quickly became an iconic feature at its Hollywood, Florida location, with its spectacular guitar-shaped tower and a nightly laser light show that can be seen for miles; it has certainly raised the bar for hotel resorts in the US.

Stephen has used Robe products on several previous projects; however, he thinks and specifies independently based on the best and most appropriate choices for each design and setting. In this case, Robe’s small and exceptionally powerful LEDBeam 150 was the perfect product – small, punchy, and reliable.

“DAER’s ownership and management made a tremendous effort to bring together an extraordinarily strong team of experienced consultants and designers,” commented Stephen … who has clearly enjoyed the experience of working on this flagship project.

The results present a world-class venue designed to captivate, engage, and enthrall audiences to create lasting memories for many years to come!

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Photos are courtesy SJ Lighting