Prolyte introduces the latest authorized dealer in Russia

As of the 12th of May, SCENA joins the Prolyte family as the latest authorized dealer in Russia.

Founded in 2016 by specialists with more than ten years of experience in the culture, social and entertainment industry, SCENA is recognized for their involvement in the development of European projects, brands as well as stage complexes in the EU. As they make the process of procuring equipment’s fast, easy and profitable, therefore, giving customers more time and flexibility to focus on other delegations.

“When searching for a partner, Prolyte asks a couple of important questions: Can they be our friends? Can they be a part of our family? Do they share the same values of loyalty, honestly, competence and quality? When the answer to all these questions is a yes, then we jump right into that relationship” says Eddie Slotboom.

Nikita Safonov and Alexey Barkovski already have a high level of experience with Prolyte for many years. Thus, this partnership will help formulate a more inclusive development of quality and knowledge at a competitive price within the industry. Therefore, as SCENA supplies stage equipment to customers; and customer’s needs grow, that’s when this partnership will sprout and excel further, as SCENA provides customers with material of high European quality at an affordable price.

Eddie adds, “We are convinced that there is an experimented (experienced?) team in Scena with a lot of knowledge. Henry did a great job with this deal. We as Prolyte look forward for this constructive partnership.”

“We at SCENA tend to favor brands that provide the world high-quality, reliable and safe products without intermediaries in between” – Nikita Safonov.

Prolyte has been a long-time leading provider of aluminum truss and structure for the event industry in all parts of the world. Prolyte is constantly looking forward to building its presence and strengthening their relationships with both old and new friends of the company. Thus, Prolyte will constantly strive to provide customers with standard-A manufacturing products built to the best and most enduring standards.

“I’ve appreciated how Prolyte is always relatable with providing high-quality and support. This often provides you with room for growth as it allows you to focus solely on your business” – Alexey Barkovski.

SCENA’s current sale territory consists of mainly Russia, however, with the right tools they are confidently capable of covering all of the Eurasian Union.

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