Powersoft Presents ArmoníaPlus at AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium

Powersoft Audio’s Rick Woida and Klas Dalbjörn, will deliver the presentation in the Hilton Anaheim, Level 4, C2, on Saturday 26 January from 12-2pm

Photo: Powersoft

Powersoft, a world-leading manufacturer of professional power amplifiers, will present a two-hour training session at this year’s AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio. The course will cover Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus System Manager – an update on Powersoft’s Armonía Pro System Manager audio design environment software, which has been adopted by some of today’s leading loudspeaker manufacturing companies. The session will be held in the Hilton Anaheim, Level 4, C2, on Saturday 26 January from 12-2pm.

Sound Design Re-envisioned: ArmoníaPlus System Manager

Powersoft’s Rick Woida, US application engineer, will lead the ArmoníaPlus portion of the training session and will cover topics such as software navigation, designing a large line-source system, preset creation and interactive tuning. 

The ArmoníaPlus System Manager is an update on the Armonía Pro System Manager audio design environment software, modified for greater ease-of-use, efficiency and system flexibility to provide remote group control and sound monitoring in real time with the full range of Powersoft products.

“We’ve rethought Powersoft’s Armonía Pro System Manager with the goal of making it even easier to use – and easier for loudspeaker manufacturers to employ in their own systems,” Woida said. “With ArmoníaPlus, we have completely redesigned the software to make it the most efficient audio design environment on the market today.”

Featuring a new and improved, intuitive user interface, ArmoníaPlus makes it easy to set up and manage complex sound systems. With ArmoníaPlus, every operation now takes place on the loudspeakers, providing multiple ways to link and audition various presets on the fly from a dedicated window.

For loudspeaker manufacturers, ArmoníaPlus lets OEMs display a system based on Powersoft amp modules as their own, enabling OEMs to support their own brand identity while providing a powerful environment created by Powersoft. ArmoníaPlus has already been adopted by a variety of preeminent loudspeaker manufacturers.

T Series Brings Powersoft Quality to Rental Market

Klas Dalbjörn, product manager at Powersoft Audio, will also give a presentation on the new Powersoft T Series – a set of ultra-reliable and efficient amplifier platforms, which make Powersoft’s renowned audio quality and functionality available to the rental market. 

„We’re setting the new benchmark for the type of reliability and audio performance you can expect from a product at this price level,“ Dalbjörn said. „The T Series is Powersoft’s solution for rental companies with small to medium-size sound systems, and it features next generation processing and networking capabilities, but at lower price point.“

The T Series will be also introduced during a press conference that will be held Thursday 24 January at 1pm at Powersoft booth located 17701 – ACC North, 2nd Floor.

AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio is presented by Audio Engineering Society (AES), in partnership with The NAMM Show. This exclusive, four-day international education and training program is targeted at working professionals in live sound, recording and performance audio. The four-day symposium comprises of a series of premier training academies and related technical sessions, provided by a dedicated team of topical specialists and experts to create a unique, new learning format that will appeal to career veterans and aspiring audio professionals.

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